Precision Carpet Cleaning Kansas

    Hot water extraction cleaning!  Call or text  785-250-4369 for quotes or questions. Also check our reviews from Yelp and Thumbtacks in the testimonials page!!

Our Prices

All prices include Taxes and Carpet Deodorizer


Residential Carpet Cleaning Prices

1 room  $45.00

(An extra charge may applied to rooms larger than 16 X 20)

2 rooms   $69.00

(There is a charge for walk in closets,hallways 10 ft. or more and stairs with jobs less than 2 rooms)

3 rooms   $95.00

( closets and hallways no charge)

4 rooms $119.00

(No charge for closets,hallways or stairs)

5 rooms $139.00

(No charge for closets,hallways or stairs)

$25 for per room after 5 rooms

(No charge for closets,hallways or stairs)

$10 for walk in closets and hallways

( The charge is for hallways 10 ft or more and walk in closets only. This charge only applies to 2 rooms or less. )

$1.50 per step

(This charge only applies to 2 rooms or less)

*Additional charges may apply to larger rooms
*There is a $10 per room charge for stain guard

*Ozone treatment is available for rooms with excessive orders such as (tobacco smoke, fires, animals, pet urine, garbage ect. ).

We will move some smaller furniture such as sofas, love seats, night stands and furniture that has no breakables. We will not move furniture with breakables such as cabinets, entertainment centers, grand father clocks, beds or dressers. So please have the bigger furniture and furniture with breakables moved before we arrive if you need that area cleaned.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Prices

(Churches, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Hotels, Motels, etc.)

$0.10 per sq. ft. for light soiled carpets

        $0.15 per sq. ft. for moderate soiled carpets

Taxes and deodorizer included

$0.16 - $0.20  per sq. ft. foe heavily soiled carpets 

Taxes and deodorizer included

Hotel and motel rooms $7 - $10 per room
(Based on size)

Taxes and deodorizer included

Lobbies, reception areas and hallways
are $0.12 per sq. ft.

Taxes and deodorizer included

Suites $15 per room.

Taxes and deodorizer are included in the price

Property Management, Apartment Complexes & Realtor Contracts

For anyone that wants to contract cleaning jobs we will demonstrate a complete cleaning with a room of choice no larger than 12'x12' at no charge. If satisfied we would be more than happy to negotiate a price that will work for you. With that being said it will be considerably less than our residential prices.

Coming Soon!

Soon we will be offering hardwood floor cleaning, Tile And Grout Cleaning and Air Duct Cleaning. If you are interested in any of theses services please contact me by phone or email. I will give you a quote and a time frame on which we will begin these services. We will be flexible with your schedule and we will work to keep this within your budget.