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        Precision Carpet Cleaning Kansas

Hot Water Extraction  Deep Cleaning! Call 785-250-4369

We also do hardwood Floors ( buffing,deep cleaning and waxing), air duct cleaning along with Tile & Grout (cleaning and sealing). One room free cleaning with the purchase of 4 or more rooms to be cleaned no travel charge.


Air Duct Cleaning


We use compressed air to push the contaminants through the ducts then a Hepa vacuum to collect all the contaminants and debris. Irritants accumulate in the air ducts and are carried throughout the living space every time your heater or a/c kicks on.

Before we start we turn on the air handler. We start from the furthest point from the furnace and work our way towards it. We remove the vent grill place a cover over it to prevent debris from going all over. Then run a air flex hose (with a plastic blaster ball attached) through the cover into the vent running it to the end. The blaster ball has 6 small holes in the back that blast the debris back towards the cover where a Hepa vacuum is attached.The air pressure is set from 120 to 150 psi. As we pull the air hose back slowly the it forces the debris into the vacuum. Then the air hose is pulled out and we run the vacuum hose through the vent to make sure any debris is vacuumed up. We vacuum around the vent grill then clean it and place it back on.

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